Hillphoenix Helps Businesses Meet Their Industrial Refrigeration Needs

When putting up or expanding a business, several challenges always come into play. Aside from curating strategies to improve sales, businesses are looking to streamline operations and optimize facilities especially in the food processing and cold storage industry.

Across the country, several businesses are feeling immense pressure to find a way to solve their industrial refrigeration needs at the lowest cost possible. From cold storage and food manufacturing applications, they are actively looking for a refrigeration solutions provider to meet their needs.

Hillphoenix Industrial Refrigeration has blazed the trail for sustainable, cost-efficient, and practical refrigeration solutions across the country. Hillphoenix’s solid years of experience in industrial refrigeration enable them to successfully collaborate with different enterprises from several industries. Just like how Hillphoenix has helped Angelic Bakehouse, a bakery for sprouted grain buns in Wisconsin when their need to produce exceeds their capacity to do so. The business roadblock was how to freeze approximately 1,000 lbs. of bread through “blast freezing”, a method that is a critical process to the quality of Angelic Bakehouse’s finished product and that would enable them to increase their production and can only be achieved with the right refrigeration system that can provide the total refrigeration need of 2.3M BTUH. Hillphoenix has solved its problem with a CO2 Booster System, designed for industrial refrigeration. The COBooster System has supplied refrigeration to Angelic Bakehouse’s 5 blast freezers, packaging area, and refrigerated dock.

Similarly, Hillphoenix also provided the same refrigeration system to Vermont Foodbank, a charitable institution that has been helping the starving communities in the state of Vermont since 1986. Hillphoenix supplied refrigeration in Vermont Foodbank’s 14k sq. ft. walk-in cooler and freezer outdoors enabling them to preserve perishable food longer resulting in serving more communities in need.

The House of Spices, manufacturer of South Asian spices and ingredients, also benefitted from the installation of the Hillphoenix CO2Booster System. House of Spices collaborated with Hillphoenix to provide refrigeration to their newly built Chicago-area facility that accommodated freezers, coolers, different suction groups, electric defrost, and micro thermo controller technology.

Notably, aside from the ROI benefits that Hillphoenix has granted these businesses across the country, is its use of natural refrigerants to power their refrigeration solutions. Using natural refrigeration systems helps support the planet and the business. Hillphoenix does not just offer a one-time solution but it also gives business owners peace of mind in the long run as these refrigeration systems are future-focused and a good option to have with the ever-changing refrigerant regulations. Good for the business and good for the environment.

Moving forward, natural refrigerants will be a strong option. Its need is inevitable due to environmental concerns and government regulations. It is comforting to know that together with Hillphoenix, these businesses are helping save not just their business’ bottom line but also Mother Earth, one green refrigeration system at a time.